We are looking forward to all local as well as international friends to support us both in prayers, financial and physical participation. The work that we do now will hopefully improve the children's lives and will motivate them to in-turn help and support those in need in the future.

Margaret Wanjugu Mwangi and her family, which consists of her mother Annah Wanjiru Mwangi and her brother Samuel Maina Mwangi and her sister Joyce Wambui Mwangi started their charity work by providing a food program for children in need in 2008. This was an event that God accomplished and a dream of many years. The food came from their own granary and until they had no food left even for themselves. As a result, they had opened a small shop to help them with the small food program they started. They had a conviction that those affected most were the children and aimed to start Amazing Grace Children Home. Annah Wanjiru made he house available to accommodate the children in need with shelter and a place to call home.

The home currently shelters 15 children who permanently stay in the home and 5 who only participate in the feeding program. The Amazing Grace Home family continues to freely share their experiences with others in hope and will to create support programs that will help many more thousands of disadvantaged children.

 The amazing grace children’s home is a Christian children welfare home, we are aimed and committed in promoting the well being of children, youths, families and protecting every child from harm.

Goals and Objectives 
  • Reducing hunger, suffering, social upheavals, poverty and illiteracy.
  • Empowering children through literacy.
  • Training, rehabilitating and placing the unskilled in position of survival.
  • Providing preventative and basic health care to the needy and the children who need total care.
  • Helping to reduce the occurrence of AIDS/HIV cases through teaching the children in school.
  • Empowering the children with the word and God and creating that is
  • God fearing and spiritual and spiritually nourished at an early stage of their lives.
  • Developing and disseminating practice standards as benchmark for high quality services that protects children and youths and strengthen the family ties and neighborhood.
  • Formulating and promoting public polices that contributes to the well being of children.
  • Promoting open exchange data, resources and ideas within and across systems that serve children, youth and families and to be a conduct for that information.
  • Ensuring that all the child welfare services are provided in a manner that demonstrates respect for the culture and all ethnic diversity of our neighborhoods and our very nation.